Week 50: Ratatouille

I’m only a few recipes away from the end of my 2017 New Year’s resolution. When I saw Goodful’s recipe for Ratatouille, it reminded me of the Pixar movie, so I wanted to give it a try. It seemed like a fancy dish with some vegetables I’ve never tried before, like eggplant and yellow squash.

Here is a link to the recipe.

When I was grocery shopping for this recipe, I went to the local Foodland because I knew they catered to a lot of Toronto cottagers, so they had plenty of obscure hipster vegetables, even in the winter. They didn’t have yellow squash, but they did have yellow zucchini, so I got that. When I went to prepare the vegetables, one of the eggplants had gone bad, so that sucked, but when I was assembling the dish, I had zucchini and eggplant leftover, so it worked out. I may use the leftover zucchini to make some chocolate zucchini cake.

The end result looked really fancy. But what about the taste? Overall, this dish wasn’t very interesting. It wasn’t bad, it was just boring. It was bland vegetables in a bland tomato sauce. It was a lot of work for not very much. Hopefully, this isn’t foreshadowing what 2018 is going to be like: built up to be great in my head but ultimately disappointing. 😛

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