Week 48: Tofu Chocolate Mousse

I saw this recipe when looking through “The Clueless Vegetarian”, by Evelyn Raab, and thought it was so crazy, I just had to try it! All this mousse called for was silken tofu and melted chocolate. How could it possibly be that simple? after my failed chickpea-water-mousse, I was definitely curious to see if this would work.

Here is a similar recipe.

All I needed to do for this recipe was blend the tofu and melted chocolate then chill it. Super easy!

This recipe is such a pleasant surprise! It tasted delicious, it was very rich and filling. The tofu doesn’t have much taste to begin with, so it just takes on the flavour of whatever else is in the dish. The mousse did have a bit of a grainy texture, but that’s a small price to avoid the dairy!


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