Week 44: X-Ray Vision Soup

Continuing on from my last recipe, I decided to make another soup, because it looks like the cold is here to stay. This time we are going for a german vegetarian’s staple: carrots. I found this recipe in a book called Clueless in the Kitchen by Evelyn Raab. I also used this book for my Quiche and Mushroom Risotto recipes that I made in February.

Here is a similar recipe, but the one I used didn’t have half-and-half or cayenne pepper.

One of the first things the recipe said to do was to “coarsely shred” the carrot, but I read it as “coarsely chop.” So that was my first mistake. I wound up putting the whole soup in the vitamix, just to make it smoother, and it worked out really well. Evelyn Raab’s recipe also called for Italian seasoning and onions, which complimented the carrots really well. The recipe also called for corn, but I forgot to add it. I’m not convinced it would have added much to the recipe, but maybe I’ll try it if I make this again.

Overall, this was a really nice soup! It was nice and cozy for a chilly fall day. I’ll probably be making this one again.


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