Week 42: Vegetable Medallions

Last week, we were at IKEA, and we decided to stay for supper. With her salmon, my mom had these veggie medallions that were really good, so we decided to look for a copycat recipe. Also, this week, my sisters are home, so we are having a Ham Nite! This seemed like an excellent opportunity to try out the medallions.

Image result for pirates ham night
Source: http://www.dvdizzy.com/images/p/pirates-01.jpg

Here is the recipe I used.

This recipe was really simple and straightforward, apart from having to google what parboiling is. They were pretty quick to make once you had all the ingredients prepped.

I thought that the ratios in this recipe were off. There was too much broccoli and cheese, so they overpowered the rest of the flavours. I think there should have been more potato, but maybe that is the german in me talking. I didn’t try the original IKEA medallions, so I don’t know how the recipe compares to the original. I don’t think I’ll repeat this exact recipe, maybe I’ll look for another copycat recipe.

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