Week 40: Crock Pot Mushroom Stroganoff

Here we go with another crock pot recipe. This one is so simple, it only has two steps. It should be simple enough to fit into any schedule.

Here is the recipe I used.

Like I said, this recipe is super simple. It only has a few ingredients, most of which you probably already had. It was super quick to make (the part that took the longest was cutting up the mushrooms), and I just made it the night before, put the crock pot dish in the fridge overnight, then cooked it the next day. Because we were going to be out all day, I cooked it on low for 8 hours instead of on high for 4 hours, like the recipe said.

I was out for the evening as well, so I didn’t actually get to taste this one. I also neglected to mention the second step to my parents, which was how to serve it (i.e. with sour cream and some sort of carb). They wound up serving it with some tasty tea biscuits. My mom said it was good, while my dad said there were too many mushrooms. When I told my mom about how to serve it (a few days later) she said, “Sour cream might have helped, I guess. But it was still good.”

I may try this one again, just because it was so simple, and I’d actually like to taste it.

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