Week 37: Crock Pot White Bean Soup

Fall has officially arrived in Ontario (after the most bizarre summer) and it seemed like a great time to try a new soup. I know that beans are very inexpensive and full of great nutrients, so I really wanted to try a bean soup.

This is the recipe I used.

I found a lot of bean soup recipes on pinterest. I chose this one because it was simple and it’s a crock pot recipe. So I just prepared everything the night before, but the pot in the fridge, then put the pot on the crock pot heater before I went to work the next morning.

I loved that this recipe was so simple and convenient, but it had one big downside: the taste. It was very bland. It wasn’t bad, it was just bland. The recipe called for a lot of herbs but, despite this, there was still not a lot of flavour. This was probably because the recipe also called for a ton of white beans, and they are very bland to begin with.

I just saw a note at the bottom of the recipe to garnish the soup with green onions and parmesan. Whoops. That might have made it better, but probably not much better. I think that after this recipe and my White Bean Pot Pie recipe in Week 1, I will not be using very many white beans in the future.

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