Week 30: Teriyaki Chicken

So because I was away last week, I’ll make two recipes this week. Since I came home a week earlier than my vegetarian parents, I am making chicken!  If you, like me, follow Tasty on Facebook, then you’ll probably know that they’ve been putting out a lot of “meal prep” videos. This basically means making several variations of one meal at once, then refrigerating it for your lunches/dinners for the week. In this case, you cook up chicken and four different vegetables, so each day you have chicken with a different vegetable.

Here is the recipe.

The most complicated part of this recipe was the sauce, and it was really simple. Other than that, it’s just chopping up vegetables, then getting the chicken and veggies on the pan and covering them with teriyaki sauce, then baking all of it. I warmed up some frozen rice as well to go with the dish.

The sauce was really nice and tangy, so it went really well with the chicken and veggies. The only thing I found was that the broccoli absorbed a lot of the teriyaki sauce, so it was really juicy. So I guess, either go easy on the sauce or use a different vegetable.

This dish was really simple and tasty to make, I’ll probably be making it again!


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