Week 27: Vegan Shepherd’s Pie Volcanos

You may be thinking: “How can this still be called Shepherd’s Pie when there isn’t any meat being herded by the hypothetical shepherd? You can’t herd corn.” Well yeah, I suppose it’s not a true shepherd’s pie, but it was still loaded with lots of great ingredients and it tasted great!

This week I combined two recipes. First is the Vegan side, which is located here. Second is the volcano side, which we have from an old Canadian Living magazine. We made these shepherd’s pie volcanoes when I was a kid, and it’s basically a mini-pie, with a phyllo pastry crust and the mashed potatoes in a mountain shape with cheese and red peppers to look like lava.

The vegan part of the recipe was easy to make, but  at the end, when I was pouring the moisture into the pastry shells, I think there was too much liquid. Maybe there was enough for a full sized pie, but too much in them is case, so I had to drain some of it out.

As for the volcano part, this look a bit more time than I expected. I thought the phyllo pastry came like puff pastry: already assembled. But no, I had to layer each of the 10 infinitesimally thin sheets of pastry with melted butter brushed in between. I then had to cut up the assembled pastry and place them in the muffin tin. I was surprised the pastry sheets didn’t fall apart every time I picked one up. But anyway, once that was done and baking, I made the potatoes, then assembled the final product into the baked pastry and cooked it up. The two recipes didn’t quite match up in scale; I had some leftover veggie mixture and mashed potatoes, so I made a mini-shepherd’s pie.

These looked and tasted great, but the servings were a bit small, but they were made in a muffin tin, so I guess this makes sense. All the spices and vegetables worked really well together, and the pastry was crispy and delicious. I’ll probably be making this one again.


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