Week 26: Croissants

I am officially halfway through my resolution! (Although, I made this recipe a week late because last week was bananas.) This week I made probably the most complicated recipe I’ll make this year. The Stupid Pinterest Pie may have taken forever, but at least it was straightforward. This recipe needed a lot of rolling and refrigerating over and over, so the amount of time needed was a bit daunting.

Here is the recipe I used. Once again, it comes from the nice Irish lady, Gemma Stafford.

I worked on these croissants over the course of 2 days. I started making the dough Sunday afternoon, and we ate them for lunch on Canada Day Monday. The recipe and video were very helpful in getting the folding and rolling right, since you want lots of layers in the croissants. This recipe took so much time. First, I prepared the dough and gave it 90 minutes to rest in the fridge. Then I rolled it out and folded it and repeated, then let it set in the fridge overnight. Then I rolled it out, cut it and rolled the dough into the croissant shape. THEN it needed to rise for 2+ hours. Then I could finally bake them up.

This recipe made 10 croissants, so I baked 3 and froze the other 7 for Sunday breakfasts. They turned out delicious! While I probably won’t be making them again in the near future, I have a much bigger appreciation for bakers and all the work they need to do.


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