Week 17: Potato and Rosemary Souffle

Last week I was so busy moving back home for the summer that I didn’t have time to make a new recipe. So this week I’ll try to make two recipes. Today I made a potato souffle, here is the recipe.

My dad, being the German man he is, loves pretty much any potato dish, so I figured this recipe would go over well. This recipe was fairly straightforward, the only part that confused me was the fact that the recipe called for mashed potatoes and I wasn’t sure if they meant simply potatoes that have been mashed or prepared mashed potatoes ready to serve. I assumed the former, and it worked out fine. The only other change I made was that I put it in one big souffle dish rather than several small dishes, because I only have two ramekins. It still turned out well and it took another 15 or so minutes to cook. Everyone really enjoyed it, we’ll definitely be making this again!


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