Week 14: Vegan Chocolate Mousse

This has been a crazy week, school and placement are finishing up and there’s still lots of work to do! I was going to make a chicken stew, but I didn’t have time, so here is a quick little dessert instead.

This week, we had a salad bar potluck at my placement. It was lots of fun! We got to mix and match our own salads and we only had to bring one ingredient each. I brought chick peas. Also this week, a video popped up on my Facebook feed about chocolate mousse made with chickpea water. Who knew? I didn’t know if the chickpea flavour would be overpowering, but I was curious to try it out.

Here is the recipe.

The chickpea water did whip up well! Not to the consistency of whipped cream, but as close as something water-based rather than dairy-based can get. I shouldn’t have been surprised by how bubbly it got, but I was (and my bowl was almost too small). Once it seemed whipped enough, I added the melted chocolate, sugar, and vanilla. This is probably where I went wrong.

I melted the chocolate before I started whipping, so I think it had too much time to cool, and it solidified in the whipped water. This might have been because I used semisweet chocolate instead of dark chocolate. I tried to fold it in without destroying the nice bubbles in the water, but it wasn’t happening. So tried to get the chocolate out (sadly, not too hard to do by hand) and re-melt it. I also tried to whip up the remaining mixture some more, but I could tell it was losing it. After that, I let the chocolate sit for a minute so it wasn’t too hot, but still warm, then added it back in. It combined much better than before, but there were still some solids. But I was done with this recipe, and I wanted to eat my dinner that was cooking in the background, so I put it in a couple containers and stuck them in the fridge for 3 hours.

When I checked on them to see if they were moussey, they were not. most of the chocolate was sitting at the bottom, and the rest was pretty liquidy. I’ll leave them in overnight to see if they get better, but my hopes aren’t too high. It did taste good though, so that’s a plus! The chickpea water only really added a saltiness to the flavour, so it was a nice slightly salty chocolate. I’ll update this article tomorrow when they have had more time to set.

Update: I let it set over night, and it was a tasty chilled chocolate soup with chunks of chocolate in it. Next time I’d use cocoa powder or dark chocolate instead, hopefully that’d work.

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