Week 9: Perogies

If you’re from Peterborough, you may know that there’s a vendor at the Farmer’s Market called Taste of Russia, and they make the best perogies! We love them so much, my mom and sisters and I tried to make perogies from scratch when I was younger. They took most of the day to make and we never tried to make them again and just bought them frozen or from the Perogie Lady.

Until today. My mom found the recipe below and sent it to my sisters and me, so I decided to try it while I was home for reading week.


I like this recipe because a lot of the complicated parts of making perogies are replaced with pre-made ingredients, like wonton wrappers and chive cream cheese. So it was fairly straightforward to make.

However, this recipe is deceptive. It says it’ll take 50 minutes to make, but the first ingredient is “prepared mashed potatoes” which took me another 20 minutes to make. Also, the second step tells you to cut all 36 of the wrappers into circles (with a cookie cutter, but still) so I ignored that part and made triangle perogies.

They turned out really well. That onion and chive cream cheese went really well with the potatoes. I would like to experiment with different spices, just to add just a bit more flavour, but either way, I’ll definitely be making these again!


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