Week 7: Quiche

This week was another first: quiche. I’ve certainly had quiche before, but I’ve never made it before. 

I used a Make-your-own Quiche recipe from the same cookbook as last week, Clueless in the Kitchen. It’s pretty similar to the recipe below.

I like how customizable quiche is. It also wasn’t too complicated, especially since I bought a premade pie crust. The fact that it’s basically eggs, milk, veggies, and crust also makes this a very inexpensive recipe.

I didn’t have an onion, so I used a bunch of green onions in this recipes instead (and it still tasted fine). For my veggies, I used orange pepper, carrots, and broccoli. For my spices/herbs, I used salt, thyme, oregano, and basil and it worked REALLY WELL with the eggs and veggies! 

My only mishap occurs after I put it in the oven and realized a couple minutes later that the baking sheet was crooked and the eggs were spilling all over it! So I grabbed some tin foil, folded it and wedged it under the sheet like it was a crooked table. And now I have a nice big, flat omelet.

With the risotto last week, the recipe made so many servings that I got sick of eating it everyday (I still have 2 servings in my fridge). This quiche was so good though, and it’s only giving me 6 servings, so hopefully I won’t get tired of it!


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