Week 6: Mushroom Risotto

I’m going to try to alternates between vegetarian and meat-based dishes while I’m working on this resolution. So this week, I made Mushroom Risotto. I got this recipe from a book my mom gave me a few years ago called “Clueless in the Kitchen” by Evelyn Raab, so I probably can’t share it here, but this recipe is pretty close (but without the peas and garlic):


This recipe was pretty simple, straightforward, and didn’t take long to make. I was worried because risotto requires a specific type of rice, which I’ve never cooked with before, but it turned out fine! It also made four servings, so now I have dinner for the whole week!

It tasted really smooth and creamy, which is nice because the only dairy it has is parmesan cheese. In future, I’d like to experiment with different spices in this recipe, but I think it also tastes great as it is!



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