All that Disney Jazz

Jump up and dance to that Disney Jazz! These are some of my favourite Jazz or Swing numbers from Disney and Pixar movies. 

  1. Ev’rybody Wants to be a Cat  – The Aristocats
  2. Down In New Orleans – The Princess and the Frog 
  3. Up With Titles – Up 
  4. La Vie en Rose  – Wall-e
  5. I Won’t Say I’m in Love – Hercules
  6. When We’re Human – The Princess and the Frog
  7. The Bare Necessities – The Jungle Book
  8. Monsters, Inc. Main Theme
  9. Zero to Hero – Hercules
  10. The Incredits  – The Incredibles 
  11. I Wanna Be Like You – The Jungle Book
  12. Run Llama Run – The Emperor’s New Groove
  13. Friend Like Me – Aladdin

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