The Round Tower

Not much to talk about today. I ran a couple errands for my last day in Denmark and saw one more sight. On my way back, I stopped in Norreport and went to The Round Tower, so called because it is round and it is a tower. It was a project by King Christian IV and it was originally intended to be an astronomical observatory (which it still is), but now it is mostly a tourist attraction where you can get a great view of the city.

Once you enter the tower, you immediately notice the wide, steep, spiralling ramp that leads to the top of the tower. This is an equestrian staircase (despite the lack of stairs), meaning the king used it to go up and down the tower via horse and carriage. There’s also a library halfway up the tower, so they used horses to carry up all the books and astronomical equipment.


At the top of the tower, they still have the observatory, which is open to the public sometimes.


But obviously, the main attraction is the view, and it was stunning! I could even see The Turning Torso in Malmö from the tower!

After that, I took one last stroll home through the Nørreport area. I went through the gardens by Rosenburg, and caught a nice view of the castle. I was a gorgeous last day to be in Copenhagen!

I am really going to miss this place. I’ve made so many friends and memories this term that I will never forget! Hopefully, one day, I will once again find myself in wonderful København!

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