World’s Oldest Amusement Park, Deer, and a Mermaid

Today I met up with my Danish friend, Josefine, and she showed me around the Bakken and Dyrehave. The Dyrehavsbakken, or the Bakken, translates to “The Deer Park Hill”, or “The Hill”, and it’s the oldest operating amusement in the world!

There were a few Viking-like rides, such as the Dragon replacing a pirate ship, and there were a few just weird rides, like the spinny kangaroo ride. There was also a British Double Decker Bus and I was disappointed to see it didn’t sell fish and chips.

From there, we went to the Dyrehave (or Deer Park), which as you can guess from the name, was right next to the Bakken. It’s a massive park north of the Bakken. It used to be a hunting ground for the king, and it’s still filled with deer! I lost count of the deer we saw, it was amazing! We even saw a few fauns!

At the centre of the park is the King’s hunting lodge. It’s at the top of a hill in the middle of the park. You can even see the ocean from the hill!

After the park, it was still the early afternoon, so we decided to go into the city. I hadn’t seen the Little Mermaid yet, so we went to Østerport to find her.

Since it was simultaneously a nice day and a slightly rainy day, we got ice cream. There were tons of tiny cute versions of seagulls begging for pieces of waffle-cone.

After this, Josefine and I sadly had to part ways, and I made for the Copenhagen city centre. On the way, I passed a fountain of the Norse goddess Gefion, Amalienborg palace, Frederik’s Church, the Opera House, and Nyhavn. I mostly just wandered until I found myself at the bus stop by Rosenburg, then made my way home.

I was so glad to see Josefine before I left! I had a great time exploring!

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