This morning we slept until noon and it was glorious! Then it was even more glorious because Jake made bacon with breakfast! We mostly chilled today, but Lindsay and Jake gave me a tour of Braunschweig, or as they called it “The BS BS tour”. Braunschweig is also called Brunswick in English (hence New Brunswick).

We started with a couple of the university buildings. But next to one was a natural history museum, complete with dinosaurs on the front lawn.


We saw lots of bunnies in that area and they were very cute!

We also saw one building meant primarily for business students which had several windows covered in sticky-note art, such as pacman and pikachu.

There are a ton of old churches and cathedrals in Brunswick. The first one we saw was St. Catherine’s. It was also across from the first of many fountains we saw. This one had lions looking offended and dragons showering themselves.

Next stop was the Schloss in downtown Brunswick. This palace used to be the home of the Dukes of Brunswick, until the First World War, then it was destroyed during the World War 2 bombings, like much of Brunswick. But like a lot of German buildings, it has been rebuilt using many of the original stones (via excavation). However, the funding required to rebuild the palace was too high, so it needed a sponsor. So the part of the palace is a museum and the rest is a shopping mall! One other interesting thing about this palace is that most palaces have a statue of the favourite king or duke or whoever, but this palace has two statues of their favourite dukes because they were so benevolent.


Just behind the palace was this bizarre “modern” building that I can’t even describe. So here’s a picture instead.


Next we headed for some more of the old buildings.

In the next courtyard, there was a monument which promoted religious equality. It was sort of a totem pole of religious history, with the present at the top. There was a set of binoculars to see the top of the monument. So I got this artsy picture of Lindsay.

There are a ton of walking streets in downtown Brunswick. They are all fills with little shops, cafés, cobblestone, and stereotypical medieval German architecture.

Then we saw the cat monument, even though we haven’t seen any cats in Brunswick. Some of the cat names included on the monument are: Keterpohl, Kattreppel, Kaatt Reppel and Katt Treppel. Then, ironically, a pigeon landed on the monument.

We finished at the statue of the wrestling men. Apparently, it was also a good spot for a café, so we got ice cream and cake.


We went back to their apartment and played video games until the wee hours of the morning. Lindsay and Jake may or may not have gotten me hooked on Civilization V (which is like Settlers of Catan on crack).

I had an awesome time in Braunshweig! I can’t wait to see Lindsay and Jake when we’re back in Canada!


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