Berlin: Cathedrals, Walls, and Schnitzel

This morning, we slept in then went in search of breakfast around noon. We went to Alexanderplatz and found a nice outdoor restaurant and ordered some breakfast under the TV Tower. This tower is basically Berlin’s version of the CN Tower (except the CN tower was built afterwards, so maybe this was Toronto one-upping Berlin).


In the platz, there was a big family carnival going on. There were children everywhere with painted faces and big balloons playing games and eating treats. We saw a couple balloons fly away, including a winged unicorn and Spiderman, both of which seemed fitting. Spiderman landed eventually, which made sense, he needed to get back to his other superhero duties.


There were two main sites we wanted to see today: the Berlin Cathedral and the East Side Gallery on the Berlin Wall. The Cathedral was pretty close to Alexanderplatz and was fairly easy to find. It is a massive and beautiful church right next to the river. There was actually a wedding going on today, so we got a couple creepy shots of the happy couple on the bridge.

After that we mostly wandered around the area and did some touristy shopping before heading over one of the remaining segments of the Berlin Wall. The East Side Gallery is a 1.3 km stretch of the Berlin Wall covered in post-unification art.


A lot of the art was really beautiful and some of the art was modern art I didn’t understand. The sad part was that all of the art had been defaced, despite several signs posted saying this was forbidden. You’d see a gorgeous work of art covered in people’s initials or something like “Jenny & Brandon 4eva!! <3<3<3” and it was really aggravating! This is art, people! Go get a freaking love lock or something, don’t deface someone’s hard work!

Some of the art was a memorial to those who suffered because of the wall (for example the first picture shows one rose for each of those who tried and failed to escape the East). Some of it was traditional graffiti. Some of it was iconic to Berlin (such as the car bursting through the wall, or all the colourful heads by Thierry Noir). Some of it was just weird (like the one of the dragon and the town and the can of coke). Even batman made it onto the wall!

There was one section of the wall that was super colourful and lots of fun to take pictures of.

All of the art was really interesting. The East Side Gallery is a really cool place check out!

After this, we decided to take a break before heading back to Braunschweig, Lindsay’s town. We grabbed schnitzel and fries for dinner along the river (which was delicious, and the fries were surprisingly good with German mayo).


We made our way for the subway station and I got a nice picture of Berlin looking like Toronto.


When we got to Braunschweig, we went to Lindsay and Jake’s apartment. Lindsay showed me the awesome twilight view of the city from their roof.

Today was a very panorific day. I had a ton of fun in Berlin and I am loving Germany!

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