Study Break in Copenhagen

Today, Maggie and I ditched the library and made for Copenhagen. We don’t have much time left between exams and flying home, so this was one of the last opportunities we had to see the city!

We decided to check out the Statens Museum for Kunst (which is Denmark’s national gallery), the Botanical Gardens, and do some touristy shopping.

The Statens Museum was free! This is almost never seen in Canada!


There was a ton of art to see. We were only there for a couple hours and we didn’t even see half of the art on display! The looked at the French section and the Nordic section.  The French section was pretty neat, it wasn’t your stereotypical european art. There were lots of different portraits of poses and real life, as well still life paintings, landscapes paintings, and sculptures. Here are a couple of my favourites. I love the way the colours are and the way the objects pop out of the canvas!

After that, we went into the (much larger) Nordic section of the gallery. This featured a lot more classical Europeans art. It even included some celebrity lookalikes, such as Stephen Fry and Benedict Cumberbatch.

There was one series of four paintings that told the story of a man who tried to marry his son off to his friend’s daughter, but his son was already in love with a different woman. The expressions on the (presumably) father’s face were like a cartoon! It was hilarious, especially since all the other people looked normal.

I loved the paintings that showed real life. Like there was a painting of a couple boys peering into a window looking at a lobster. And there was one painting the looked like the subjects had just seen the painter and were wondering what he was up to.

There was no shortage of paintings of Danish landmarks and the Danish countriside. There was even a picture of the town my university is in, Lyngby, and the Deer Park a few minutes down the road from Lyngby.

When we left the gallery, we were greeted with a view of Rosenburg castle (homw od the Danish crown jewels) and we walked towards the Botanical Gardens, which were just across the road.


The gardens reminded me of Project Eden in Cornwall, but there were many more outdoor plants, and the greenhouse wasn’t as extensive as Project Eden. I think I weirded Maggie out a bit when I found a trillium (the flower of Ontario) in the gardens and got really excited. I think I made a bit more sense when I said it’s illegal to pick trilliums in Ontario. Here are a few highlights of the gardens.

Next, we went to the market for lunch. We had a very Danish lunch: smørrebrød, which consisted of various meats and cheeses and breads on a board to make open-faced sandwiches.


After that, we headed over to Kongens Nytorv to wander the streets of Copenhagen and do some touristy shopping. We eventually made it to Christiansborg and then Tivoli. It was at this point that I realized how small downtown Copenhagen is.

At Christiansborg, right next to the Stork Fountain, there was a jazz band playing with a ton of jazz dancers and huge crowd watching and clapping along to the beat! It reminded me of N’awlins!

Right next to Tivoli, we found the statue of Hans Christian Andersen!

This was such a fun and relaxing day! I was so glad to get a break from studying and hang out with Maggie for the day!

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