Back to Britain – Part 3: Tiny People

Today was a more laid back day, went to the Miniature Village, which is a local attraction in Torquay. It was a perfect clear day outside, it was amazing! It reminded me of Cullen Gardens in Whitby, except this park is still open! The windmill by the entrance was a good way to set my expectations. This place would be creative and a little silly (notice the guy clinging for dear life to the windmill).


There was also a woman there promoting a bird rescue. She had four owls and a hawk. They were very calm and quiet, but they didn’t like Lily very much!


The village started off with a resort house (complete with rooftop pool), a row of lovely country houses (complete with garbage man giving up), and a haunted house.

There was also a large pond in the middle of the park (which served as a beach) and a nice waterfall (with some good rock climbing spots).

There some life-sized trees as well, and after Eden project, I may have a problem with taking too many flower pictures.


We continued with a farm (with a bull chasing an intruder), a 50s style house, a long railway track, and a country creek with houses along the side, fishermen getting caught, and kayakers.

There was even a mini Stonehenge!


I particularly enjoyed this village. There are so many little easter eggs, no pun intended. There’s building getting solar panels (which are popular in English villages), there’s a wedding, there’s a guy getting a breathalyser test, and there’s a pharmacy owned by Penny Sillin!

I also enjoyed the Germany-Argentina game at “Wombley Stadium”!

The prisoners are escaping!


Here are a few more tidbits: The Shard (a new building in London), some ruins, gypsies, Percy the tank engine (I think), the circus (complete with elephant sitting on a car), and a mermaid on a lighthouse.

There was an entire building dedicated to mini film/tv/book/historical characters.

It is really the little things about this village that makes it so enjoyable, no pun intended. Here we have a bike tour, a hot air balloon, boy scouts, tree wise men truck, some Egyptian artefacts that are still alive, and a pirate golf course with no parrots allowed.

The model train was quite neat, though it was obvious that it was sponsored by South Western Trains.

Almost done, I promise! We continued to a drag hunt, Artington Hall, and a castle (with musicians, knights of the round table, and a fire-breathing dragon).

There was a convertable in a car wash, an archery range (with one brillinat person in the middle), a mini-person with a mini-mini-car, a moving band with a person stuck under a piano, and a house on fire with real fire. These people are so creative!

After the village, Maurice, Joan, and I got lunch, then they showed me around Torquay and Teignmouth. I got some more pictures of plants (there are palms and magnolias everywhere!), and enjoyed the seaside view.

After that, we went back to their village and they showed their church which had a lot of daffodils and flowers arrangements as well as a lovely view of the valley.

After this, we relaxed on the front lawn with some ice cream since it was such a gorgeous day! I didn’t even need a jacket and I was slightly worried I’d get sunburnt! But then, it was sadly time for me to go back to the airport and catch a plane back to a place where I have to worry about projects and assignments and classes. Easter break was so much fun and I’m so glad I had a break from the craziness of classes!


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