Back to Britain – Part 2: Eden

As Uncle Maurice would say: what a smashing day! This morning we made for Cornwall (where we saw neither a Duchess, nor a wall of corn) to the Eden Project.


This is a former clay pit made into a conservatory for all sorts of tropical plants. We took a tractor train to two massive biomes filled with these amazing plants. One biome was dedicated to Rainforests and the other was dedicated to the Mediterranean. We could have taken a zipline in, but decided against it.

They also had a massive outdoor garden dedicated to English plants.

Maurice and I started in the Rainforest Biome while Joan walked Lily around the English gardens. This dome was quite humid to keep the plants in as natural an environment as possible. It was also comparatively dark in there because of all the tree cover. The plants ranges from tiny buds to towering banana trees to hanging vines. There were even some birds to help with pest control. Here are some of my favourite pictures.

After getting some delicious Cornish-made pasties, Joan and I headed into the Mediterranean Biome. This biome seemed to be much more focused on gardening and farming. A lot of the plants were either flowers or bushes or trees or vines in such gardens and orchards. It was really neat to see the different plants that thrive better in dry climates. They ranged from massive palm leave to the tiniest of flowers. Here are some of my favourites.

There was also a large display of dozens of different tulips. I loved all the different shapes and colours they took!

After that, we wandered through the British gardens, which were about 50% daffodils, which makes sense, it being Easter.

There was a huge sculpture at the end made of all the waste one Brit goes through in their lifetime, which was pretty interesting. It reminded me of EdCom Smash.


This whole place was really spectacular! I obviously cannot do it much justice, but if you’re ever in Cornwall, it is well worth checking out!

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