Back to Britain – Part 1: Dartmouth

After taking many planes, trains, and automobiles, I arrived in Devon yesterday to visit Uncle Maurice and Aunt Joan for the Easter Weekend. We had a lovely dinner of Fish and Chips, as is traditional on Good Friday.

Today, we spent the day in Dartmouth, a beautiful riverside town in South Devon. This was, and likely still is, a fishing town. All the buildings are so beautiful and colourful there.


The architecture was also stunning. Some of these buildings have a modern main floor but the upper floors are ancient!

It is only April and it is already so busy there! There were no fast food restaurants, 99% of the stores were locally owned and local and/or high-quality products. We went to a really nice breakfast place called Alf Fresco’s and Joan told me they open at 7am for the fisherman! We all enjoyed a delicious breakfast, including their Dachshund Lily, who got a little sausage. That’s another thing about Dartmouth: it’s very dog friendly! Lots of shops will let you bring a well-behaved dog inside, restaurants will have water dishes, ferry crew members will have treats


It turned out there was also a regatta happening today in the Dart river. This town makes it so easy to get nice pictures! There were dozens of teams in the waters and tons of families sitting on the harbour. I can’t imagine how busy this place must be in the summertime!


There were also lots of children crab fishing and seeing who could catch the most. They had these sort of nets on a line which meat on the end. One pair caught dozens of crabs using smoked bacon! The crabs are usually let go afterwards, it’s just a bit of family fun to have on the riverside.


We continued by looking at all the lovely shops in the town. There was one ad for a Husband Crèche (or nursery) which was really an ad for local bar.

After that, we took the ferry across the river to Kingswear and drove back home.

We got dinner at a real English pub in a town called Shaldon and got lovely views of the moors, the town across the river (Teignmouth), and the sunset.


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