Finland – Day 6: IKEA

We arrived in Stockholm today. Apparently, last night we were running very early, so we had to stop for an hour for dinner, than another hour in the middle of the night at a Burger King in the middle of freaking nowhere. If we had kept going, we would have gotten to Stockholm at 5am. This way we got to Stockholm at 7am. Either way, nothing was open, so we killed time in the train station Starbucks.

We were informed last night that there was some sort of free Game of Thrones tour opening in Stockholm today, so naturally, many people wanted to check it out. I thought I’d probably check it out even though I didn’t get very far in GoT (I gave up after they decapitated a horse on screen). We (Heather, Courtney, and Sarah) started the day by going to Old Town. We looked around at all the beautiful medieval buildings until we came upon more DTU students in a cozy little café.

We soon moved across the square to another café, which was different because it was established in the 1700s and is the King’s favourite bakery.


Also, it turns our Pippi Longstocking is Swedish, and her real name is Pippi Långstrump.


Now that the stores had finally opened, we did a little touristy shopping, then headed over to the Game of Thrones tour. When we arrived the lineup was absolutely massive. There was a huge cluster of people at the start then the line wrapped around the entire square. The wait was at least 3 hours so we quickly gave up on the idea. There was another group that tried to wait, but gave up after an hour in line.


Stockholm itself is a very interesting city, it has so much history, but it is very modern at the same time! This could especially be seen in the architecture of the city.

We finished our day in Stockholm by going to the flagship IKEA store. We knew there was a free bus to the store outside the train station, but we didn’t realize it doesn’t run on weekends. When we realized this, Courtney (who absolutely loves IKEA and was incredibly excited about this store) started panicking and freaking out! The store is decently far outside Stockholm, so we weren’t sure how to get there. We eventually flagged down a cab, and Courtney went back to begin excited.


This store is massive! It had three floors dedicated to the showrooms! The layout was also very different. I’m used to a maze type of layout, but this was all the floors combined in a massive spiral! It was pretty neat! We started by getting lunch at the cafeteria: Swedish Meatballs, of course.

We then made our way through the showrooms. It was Sarah’s first time at an IKEA, so it was a fun experience for her. She quite enjoyed the different baking supplied and we all enjoyed the different room layouts.

We finished in the bottom floor, where all the loose items were, and we all had to be careful not to bring back more than our suitcases could hold on the way back to Copenhagen!



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