Finland – Day 5: Snow Fort

We are now on our way back to Stockholm. We packed up and cleaned up this morning and said our goodbyes to the family and staff and made our way to Kemi, Finland.

It was about a 2-hour drive and the main attraction was the Snow Castle. I believe the term “castle” was a bit generous. It was more of a large snow fort. I looked at past designs of the snow castle, and they looked really cool, this year’s just wasn’t that great. On the other hand, it was impressively large! It extended over most of the harbour of Kemi.

We had a couple hours in Kemi, so we decided to go onto the frozen lake and check out the harbour. There had obviously been a lot of snowmobile traffic on the ice! Sadly, the ice was not fit for skating, as least smooth skating. I haven’t seen ice that solid since last year’s winter in Canada!

After that, we wandered through the town until we found a café for lunch. Then Margy decided to slide down the snow hill.

After that, we hit the road for an overnight trip back to Stockholm.


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