Finland – Day 3: Ozzy, Yanita, Seivva, and Jumper

This morning was spent cross-country skiing with Heather, while the rest of our cabin went snowmobiling. We skied across the lake, over a small hill and went in a loop until we got back to the camp. It was Heather’s first time cross-country skiing, so it was fun to help her along and occasionally watch her plow into a snow bank.

Along the path we saw a lot of forest, and a building every once in a while. This one looked like some sort of wood house or cooking house next to a small pond.

Eventually we came to a fork in the road, and took the path which we thought would lead back to the camp. Which it did, but it wasn’t meant primarily for skiers. We figured this out when we got back to the lake after going down a huge hill and hearing someone yell “Please get off the path!” followed by several teams of huskies with sleds barrelling down the hill! This is what we would be doing this afternoon, but in the meantime, we jumped into the snow bank, and snapped pictures of our friends, Russell and Margy, who were participating in the Husky run.

After a quick lunch, Heather, Sarah, and I headed over to the husky kennels for our run. The kennels contained over 70 dogs! It made me miss Millie! Some of the huskies had one brown eye and one blue eye, which is more common in huskies, but some of them had one eye one colour and one eye blue AND brown!

The owner, Yanna, showed us how to operate the sled and how to take care of the dogs. We each had a four-dog team pulling our sleds. Mine were named Ozzy, Yanita, Seivva, and Jumper! They were very energetic and so excited to get running!

The run itself was a lot of fun! The dogs were very powerful and very fast when they wanted to be. It got tricky sometimes to maneuver the sled. We also had to help the dogs when we were going uphill, so we weren’t forcing them to drag us.

We went through the forest for four or five kilometers then came down the hill and onto the lake for half a kilometer.

It was so much fun! I wish we had more than an hour with the dogs, but it was an amazing run either way!

After that, we met up with a couple other exchange students, Russell and Margy, and went cross-country skiing again! This was also Sarah, Russell, and Margy’s first time cross-country skiing, so more fun ensued.

There were a few crashes, a couple skis fell off, but we made it through! We took more or less the same route that we did in the morning, except we took a 45-minute detour across a nearby pond.

After we returned our skis, we went back to the cabin and relaxed in front of the fire until dinner, which consisted of potatoes and salmon.

We then went to a nice big fire pit and sipped on some tasty mulled wine. It was a cozy and relaxing evening, as is the Scandinavian way.


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