Finland – Day 1: Bus Train Train Bus

Most of today was spent in transit. We left DTU at 7:00 am and caught a bus then a train to Copenhagen Central Station. We met up with the rest of the group heading to Lapland, Finland at about 8:00. We all caught a train to Malmo, where we were going to switch before meeting the rest of our group of 50 in Stockholm.

Except the train to Stockholm got delayed. By one and a half hours. It was supposed to leave at 9:20, then it was delayed to 9:35, then 9:50, 10:20, 10:40, then 10:45.

When it finally arrived, it reminded us of the Hogwarts express because it looked a bit old, and it was divided into compartments for all the passengers. I was very sad when no trolley lady came by!

Heather and I went to the restaurant car for some lunch and were asking about getting tap water (which they aren’t allowed to serve on a train) then the server felt so bad about the train being late that he gave us both bottled water for free. We chilled in the car for a while and Thomas joined us. Then the server came by with a small pizza someone ordered but no one claimed, so he gave it to us for free!

It was a 4-hour train ride, so we mostly just read or slept.

Once we arrived in Stockholm, we caught the bus for the next 16 hours (stopping at a grocery store and several truck stops along the way) and at 9:00 (Finnish time) we arrived in Lapland to a lovely Scandinavian breakfast.


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