The Fjords of Norway – Part 2

Today we did a 3-hour boat tour of the fjords! Words do not describe how beautiful and breath-taking is the meeting of the mountains and the fjords! Disney movies (while the animation is stunning) do not do them justice. The tour started with a view of the cascading city of Bergen. We had a wonderful view of the harbour.

There are several communities surrounding the fjords. So many of the houses were build right atop the cliff on the shoreline. I can’t imagine how it would be to wake up to such a view every day! Other places must seem so boring!

There was a man at this house who always waves his Norwegian flag for the tour boat!

After a little while, the communities became more dispersed, and I began to feel as though I was in the middle of a J.R.R. Tolkien novel!

The water is so crystal in Norway! Even in the harbour it was so clear we could see the bottom!

We stopped about halfway through the 3-hour tour at a waterfall to collect some fresh mountain water from the melted snow. Heather volunteered to collect some, which required her to put on a neon-orange fisherman’s outfit and stand under the waterfall!

Every time the boat slowed down or stopped so we could take pictures, they turned on some music to add an ambiance. For this stop, they played Morning Mood and In The Hall Of The Mountain King by Edvard Grieg, a Norwegian composer.

As I mentioned in the other Norway Post, the weather here changes so quickly! Sometimes we had excellent views of the mountains, but other times, we could barely even see the water. I love the moments when it was snowing lightly, the snow came down in great clumps and made the scenery even more beautiful, if possible.

We came up on a pair of huge waterfalls, one of which was being harnessed for electricity. The black rocks framed the white water so beautifully.

The remainder of the tour was fairly relaxed. At the start the tour guides talked about the history of the fjords and islands and towns, but towards the end they simply allowed us to enjoy the views.

It was a bit sad coming back into Bergen’s harbour. It was great to escape to nature for a little while. I think this guy’s short puts it well.

After the tour, we went back to wandering around Bergen and decided to pose with the Seamen’s Monument.

Then we went in search of food, and sat outside a small restaurant in a heated and blanketed area on the harbour, and relaxed until it was time to catch a bus to the airport.

Photocred: Heather

At the airport, we met a Viking. Not the kind of viking one would expect in Scandinavia, but he heard on of the American girls talking and it turns out he’s from Minnesota and he used to play for the Vikings!

We were exhausted by the time we caught our flight, it was a beautiful weekend. The next stop is (which I hope is just as beautiful) : Finland!

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