The Deer Park

(Sunday, January 15th)

After the insanity in Copenhagen yesterday, I decided to swap my plans to go into the city with a chill day in Lyngby.  So a couple exchange students and I decided to bike to Jægersborg Dyrehave (or Deer Park in Jægersborg), which is a 5 minute ride from campus, and wander around.

This park used to be the hunting grounds for King Christian VI, and even has a hunting lodge in the middle of the park! Through the red wooden gates is a forest filled with many trails for bikers and joggers, but the sign on the entrances says that no horses are allowed!

Once we passed through the gate, we were greet with a mystically beautiful forest. I think that is what Narnia might look like in the fall. I loved how quiet it was there.


Once we passed through the forest, there was another gate leading to a huge open field! The pictures do not show how vast it was. We decided to follow the path north, but had we gone south, we would have found the King’s old hunting lodge, aka The Hermitage Palace. Oh well, I’ll just have to go back another day!

In the field, there were a lot of sunday afternoon joggers, dog owners, dry-land cross-country skiiers, and horseback riders (yes, that was allowed in this part of the park).


After the park, we biked through a very old neighborhood in Denmark. The houses looked like something straight out of a Hans Christian Andersen story!


It was a beautiful area and a lovely bike ride! I will definitely be back to search for that lodge!


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