New Buddies

(Tuesday, January 27th)

Today was the start of the Exchange Student Orientation Week. We were divided into several groups of 7 or 8 exchange students with one local student to guide us, aka our Buddy Group. My Buddies include: two Americans, one Singaporean, one South Korean, one Scot, one German!

We listened to several interesting talks about the university and life in Denmark. Then all the buddy groups had a catapult-building contest. We were give some elastics, toothpicks, chopsticks, plastic spoons, and a marshmallow, and were told to use whatever else we had to make the farthest-throwing/prettiest/most original to make a catapult. We decided to go for a simple danish-style design to impress the judges. It actually shot decently well too, but not the farthest. We’ll find out who won each award at the closing ceremony.

We finished the day by walking to Downtown Lyngby. We passed through the old town, which was full of beautiful old cottages owned by the farmers of that period. Now they just serve as houses.

We continued walking and looked at the main shopping area of Lyngby, so we could get familiar with the area. We finished off the day with pizza and a small restaurant downtown.

Lyngby is a beautiful town. It’s similar to my hometown because most places are in walking distance, and it doesn’t have that big-city feel. It’s cozy, or as the danish say: hygge.


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