England – Part 7: Devon

Yesterday, I took several trains to get to Devon. Today Uncle Maurice and Aunty Joan took me to explore Devon. We took their two Dachshunds (one of which they’re babysitting) to Dartmoor and went up the hills of Haytor.

The hills and rocks were huge and gave amazing views of the countryside (despite the fog). It’s difficult to describe the view, but it made me feel small! There were also several herds of sheep and a bunch of wild ponies!

I climbed up one of the massive rocks (with the help of another climber that actually knew what they were doing) and got a great view of the area! Also, the dirt in Devon is very red, it reminds me of PEI!

The dogs also had a lot of fun running through the hills!

The ponies were probably my favourite part, other than the view!

We went to the nearby village of Widecombe (host of the popular Widecombe fair in September) for lunch in a local pub, complete with goats and turkeys in the garden.

We continued exploring the village by going to the St. Pancras Cathedral. This church appears small on the outside, but it huge on the inside. It was also quite old, such that it required heated seats as well as central heating!

Even while we were driving, I couldn’t get over how stunning the views were! (And the fact that ponies are everywhere!)

We continued back to Maurice and Joan’s village outside Newton Abbot, looked at the old church there, and got a lovely view of the village.

We finished off the day by relaxing at home and eating some bacon sandwiches.

Aren’t they precious!


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