England – Part 6: Chichester

(Tuesday, January 20th)

Woke up and caught a taxi to Brighton station because the roads were snowy and too slippery for the buses. We caught a train to Chichester to see my mom’s cousin Kate.

We wandered around Chichester for a bit, then met Katie and her son Jeremy for coffee at a local shop. Apparently I’ve met Jeremy before, but I was 2 or 3 so I don’t remember. Katie and Jeremy were both very nice and we had a lovely time. I heard a lot about Katie’s horses and about my mom’s side of the family.

After coffee, Nana and I wandered went to the Chichester Cathedral, which is over 900 years old! In the church, there were most (if not all) of the Chichester bishops were laid to rest. Some of them have been there for over 700 years! There were also many memorials for past church members and many old sculptures and mosaics that were created centuries ago! It was a fascinating place to be in!

After the cathedral, we caught a train back to Brighton. We had quiche and cheesecake for dinner, and relaxed and watched TV for the evening.


Tomorrow, I will go to Devon and visit Uncle Maurice and Aunt Joan!

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