England – Part 5: Nana Doff

(Monday January 19th)

This morning, Sara and I found our way to Brighton so she could drop me off with Nana Doff, my mom’s 88-year-old grandmother and one of the loveliest people you will meet. She lives high up in the hills of Brighton. (I was later surprised that the buses could make it up there!) We took a bus down to the main part of the city and wandered to the Brighton Pier, and the Royal Pavilion. The Pier was a small fairground on a wooden pier running into the English Channel. I was surprised the Pier could hold the weight of so many rides!

After that, we went to the Royal Pavilion, one of the main landmarks of Brighton, but a confusing building. It was built for a British King, but it has an Indian-style exterior and a Chinese-style interior. It was a very grand and interesting building! The museum had a lot to say about the families that lived there and the restorations required.

Afterwards, we took a bus on the shoreline to a neighbouring village called Rottingdean. It was a beautiful old village! We walked up and down the old streets, looking at lovely old shops, fairy tale cottages, and medieval churches. We finished our wanderings by taking a bus back to Brighton, but this time through the tall, rolling hills.


We finished the day with some delicious British Fish and Chips at Harry Ramsden’s. It was a nice shop across from The Pier, where we enjoyed a seaside view (indoors) on a clear January day.

It gets dark around 4:00 here, so the city lit up The Pavilion, and the sky looked like it was midnight by the time we got home.


We spent the evening relaxing and watching TV, including a cool show called Winterwatch. It was a nice end to a nice and chill day.


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