England Explorations – Part 1: Ipswich

After getting about 2 hours (probably less) of sleep at Gatwick airport, I caught a train then the tube then another train all the way to Ipswich to see my friend Elie!

Elie babysat my sisters and me when we were very little. The last time I saw her was when I was 11 and I was at her wedding reception. Now she and Jonny have three adorable children and live in Ipswich. They have two daughters, Hero and Alexis, and one son, Jethro. The girls were at school when I arrived so I spend the day catching up with Elie and getting to know Jonny and Jethro. In the afternoon I took a much-needed nap, and woke up to a big pair of brown eyes and a giggly voice telling me it’s time to wake up. Alexis is one of the giggly-est girls I have ever met! She seems to be fitting in well to her role as a middle child, speaking from experience. Hero is very sweet and she is a bit quieter than Alexis. Jethro is also quiet, but he’s a baby, he doesn’t have a ton to say yet. He always smiles at you when you smile at him, and he has the cutest little smile!

That evening, after the girls went to bed, Elie and Jonny hosted small group at their home and I got to meet some of their church friends. They were all so nice and had so many interesting things to say!

This morning I woke to two big pairs of eyes telling me it was time to wake up! After breakfast, we walked the girls to school, then walked to the bus station. I didn’t like to leave Ipswich after only one day, but sadly, I only have a short time in England.

It was so much fun to visit Ipswich! I very much hope to visit there again!


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