Day 8: Germany!

Today we drove a lot. This time we went from Venice to Munich. Along the way, we saw so many more mountains!

My favourite part about the drive was our stop in Austria. When I was 15, I went on a school trip to Salzburg and Vienna and it was amazing! I intend to go back to visit Austria again at some point. Our stop today was just for lunch, and most people bought Weiner Schnitzel.


Our tour guide told us yesterday that we would be stopping to visit Dachau concentration camp, even though it was not on our schedule. But we got stuck in traffic in Germany, so we’ll go tomorrow instead.

Once we arrived in Munich, we did a walking tour of the city center. We wandered around Kalsplatz (a car-free shopping area), and Marienplatz (the town square which houses the old town hall and the new town hall). Along the way, we saw many old (some medieval) buildings, including the last remaining gate into Munich from the Medieval Times, Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady, can hold 20,000 people),  the bell tower, the old town hall (built in the 15th century), the new town hall (built in the 16th century and looks older than the old town hall due to the Flemish Gothic style of architecture), and Munich Residenz (the largest palace located in a European city center).

We finished the walking tour at the Hofbräuhaus, a pub built to keep the palace staff happy. It is enormous! It could easily hold several hundred people and it was packed when we got there! PC and I wound up walking back to the remainder of the Christmas market and getting some underwhelming sausage. PC ranted about their inappropriate use of curry powder.

After dinner, we decided to wait another hour for the clock tower show at the new town hall. While we wandered and waited, we watched a lot of street performers. All of the performers we excellent and most of them were selling their own CDs. There was a four-piece band (a piano, flute, cello, and violin), a solo piano player, an accordion player, an electric guitar player, and a guitar-player/comedian. The comedian was actually hilarious. He got a lot of audience participation by making people sing along, asking where they were from.

When we saw the clock tower show. It was very underwhelming. There were just three or four figures that rotated very slowly to some music around the pillars next to the clock. Then it was over.


It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day. The Germans in Munich are very nice. I would highly recommend checking it out if you get the chance.


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