Day 7: I’m on a Gondola

Today was a gorgeous day in Venice! Guided by our trip leader, we spent the first couple of hours on a walking tour of Venice! We passed several old and beautiful homes, shops, museums, churches, and squares while learning about Venice’s rich history as a port city. Obviously, there are canals EVERYWHERE!

And there are so many historical buildings and monuments!

Venice has a lot of history with the world of trade, especially in the Renaissance. Venetians were particularly famous for their glasswork and lace. So much so that if one chose glass or lace as their craft, they would not be allowed to leave the island. We also received demonstrations on how Venetian lace and glass is made (sadly, pictures were not allowed).

The tour continued with a gondola ride! We had a wonderful view of Venice from the water.


The tour ended on the Rialto bridge, which is unique because it has several full buildings on it (most of which are shops).


After that we were left to wander the city and we were told to “Get Lost”, because that’s inevitable in Venice. PC and I got lost about 3 or 4 times. The first thing we did was get some real Italian Pizza.


While we got lost, we explored shops, looked out over the lagoon, avoided/fed the birds, and tried The Pillar of Death again. This pillar on the Doges palace was a test the King used to determine whether or not he would execute someone. If one could make it around the pillar, hands at their sides, back against the pillar, without leaving this position, one would live. Unfortunately, part of the ground is slanted, so almost no one makes it.

As is my current tradition, I buy a piece of local art of the city that I’m visiting. These are the pieces PC and I found.


After a long day, we headed home, shopping bags in hand, and only asked for directions 12 times. Just kidding, it was more like 3 times.


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