Day 4: From French Countryside to Swiss Alps

(January 6th, posting now due to lack of internet)

This morning we enjoyed some last baguettes before heading off to the Swiss Alps.

Today we drove. A lot. We went all the way from Paris to a small village in the Swiss Alps. It took all day. We left at 9:00 am and arrived at 6:00 pm. But we did get a lovely view of the French countryside.


As we got closer to Swizterland, we noticed a significant difference in the landscape! The hills were much larger, and many of them had homes or fortresses on top of them to the townspeople could control the high ground and easily retreat into the mountains if an attack came. The castle pictured has a well that goes through the hill into the ground to get water. This way, the people staying there could survive longer, and they wouldn’t get starved out by their enemies.


Once we arrived in the Swiss village Lauterbrunnen, we drove around the village to see what shops and restaurants there are around. For Dinner we had Rosti (but the rosti served at the Swiss Bear in Apsley is better) and Cheese Fondue. Finally, we took a small walking tour of the town, and found a model in a window which showed how cows are rescued from the mountains when they climb too high and can’t get down. Apparently, they are airlifted out via helicopter and have to wear diapers in case they freak out too much!


Tomorrow we have the day to explore the mountains and I’ll have plenty of pictures to show!


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