Day 5: Going up the Mountain

(Januray 7th. Posting today, due to slow internet)

Today we had the day to explore Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. And what better way to explore the Swiss Alps than by helicopter? There was an optional activity provided by our tour group to either go skydiving or to go along for the helicopter ride. I went for the cheaper option (the ride) and PC went for the jump!


It was a gorgeous day out! Perfect for skydiving. The view was stunning, as you can see! Even from the ground, the Jungfrau and surrounding mountains were majestic! They made me feel so small!

After that we wandered around the village, ate to the local café, and bought Swiss Army Knives. We decided to go up the mountain via cable car and mountain train to get to the village of Mürren. It was a also beautiful ride with tons of photo ops. Mürren is a skiing village for tourists with tons of little shops and almost no cars.

What can I say? It was a picture perfect day.


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