Day 1: London Calling

PCs and my tour starts in London tomorrow (but leaves for Paris at 6:00 am) so we decided to fly in this morning to explore the city before we leave. We left for a 7:00 am flight super early in the morning (and also the power went out the previous night, so we didn’t get much sleep in the first place). It was a cold and rainy day in Lund, Copenhagen, and London.


We flew to from Copenhagen Airport to Gatwick Airport in London, then took the train to Kings Cross Station. The Copenhagen Airport was completely empty at 5 in the morning. It was weird, but nice because it gave PC and me the freedom to watch Up with the sound turned on.


During the train ride, we stopped at a station with the name Elephant & Castle, where (disappointingly) there was neither an Elephant nor a Castle.


When we got outside Kings Cross, we admired the double-decker buses.

Then I couldn’t help but notice the clocktower!


Does it look familiar to my fellow potterheads?


After that we walked to the hostel, and saw this interesting building between two very old buildings.


Once we dropped off our stuff, we decided to go get lunch and go shopping on Oxford street.


and wandered some more around Kings Cross.


We finished off the day by going to a real British Pub and ordering fish and chips. The pub was also playing Johnny English, which was weirdly funny.



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