I’m in freaking Sweden!


Last night I arrived safely in Copenhagen, got out of the airport in about 20 minutes (where the only long wait I had was for the washroom) and hopped on a train to Lund, Sweden. Once on the train, I realized that I wasn’t sure this train was actually going to Lund and asked three different people to make sure.

It was. Then once I got off, I realized that I didn’t have a way of contacting my friend and travel buddy, PC. PC is a friend of mine from university who is currently finishing an exchange term in Sweden. My new phone hadn’t been set up, and my old phone wouldn’t work in Sweden, but I eventually found a wifi connection and found PC.

Her sister was also visiting, which was fun, but she had to leave this morning. PC and I checked out Lund today, did some shopping, but mostly got ready for our Europe tour. We’re starting it tomorrow, but officially starts the next day.

Lund is so different from any Canadian city I’ve been to, except maybe Vieux Québec. Most of the streets are cobblestone, all the shops are small (so are most of the items in the shops), and most things are designed very simply (as is the way in Scandinavia). The architecture is very old-looking, I like it! Lund looks like something from the Baroque period and it’s beautifully preserved. (As Cogworth or my music teachers would say: If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it!) I’m sad that I have to leave already!


Lund university is also very nice. The area and the people are very relaxed and laid back.

It’s January but it looks like a Canadian October.


And there’s about 1 million bikes here.


Oh! And I found the cousins of the Whomping Willow!



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