Arrival (to Heathrow at least)

Yesterday I left Toronto’s Pearson International Airport for Heathrow (where I am currently) then Copenhagen. I thought I would panic a lot more than I did, I thought I would be thinking “Holy crap, holy crap, I’m about to leave the continent!” But I didn’t. It was weird. This whole thing is weird. I’m in freaking England right now, but it still doesn’t really feel like I’ve gone.

That’s probably normal, though, and I’m just making a big production out of nothing. (Some things never change)

It’s about 7 am here aka 2 am home time, but the sun still hasn’t risen over London. Also it’s very cloudy here and it looks like it’ll rain any second. I now understand why Brits carry umbrellas everywhere. Maybe the sun has risen, but it’s so cloudy I can’t really tell. There are also some very pretty decorations in Heathrow.


I’ve only been to a couple shops, but there’s Cadbury and Quality Street everywhere! But I can’t buy any because I know I’ll eat it all before I even get to Copenhagen. Also, I’ve seen a lot of Paddington bears, police bears, Kate and Willy Stuff,

Willie Tanner (MAX WRIGHT), ALF, Kate Tanner (ANNE SCHEDEEN) box

(no, not that Kate and Willy)

kate and william

(yes, those ones)

Also, there’s a lot of London Underground paraphernalia. I don’t know too many places so obsessed with their public transit system, but whatever floats their boat.

My favourite part so far is the fact that everyone is calling me “madam” with their slick british accents!

I’m just killing time here while my phone charges. So sorry if this post is all over the place, but hey, it’s my first one.


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