This is a Methodology

These pages instructed me to test 12 methods for carrying things that are not a books and come up with 5 more methods. It should be noted that this also took place while I was waiting for my train this past weekend. The first 12 methods can be seen below:



A) This method can be comfortable, but Not a Book gets in ones way when sitting and digs into the chin. It is fine when walking.


B) I did not have any string, so I made use of my headphones. This was also uncomfortable and the single loop around Not a Book made it easy to fall.


C) I didn’t feel like stuffing a book into my pant in the middle of a busy train station.

D) This method works well when one is sitting still and when one is walking slowly. It remained on top of the subjects head for more than 2 minutes. For some reason I did not capture this on camera, so here is a picture of that last time I put Not a Book on my head.


E) This method makes it difficult for one to see where they are going (especially if one is wearing a hat). The subject reported that Not a Book hurt her chin.


F) During this test, Not a Book became wet quickly. The method is recommended to anyone who would enjoy decorating Not a Book with teeth marks.

G) Similar results to test B, but less discomfort. This is an excellent method for taking Not a Book for a walk.

H) This method was not possible to document photographically single-handedly. It is also difficult to apply when wearing a leather jacket (even a fake one) and Not a Book slips easily between the elbows.

I)  This method was not possible without ribbon (or something similar). Not a Book would not fit in the rim of the subject’s hat.

J) This method is the most common, traditional, and simple.It can become difficult if one is carrying many other items.


K) This method was effective while sitting but, while walking, reminded the subject of the penguin sequence in Mary Poppins.


L) Finally, this method was simple and effective, especially if one needs their hands free.


Other possible methods:

M) In one’s hat in one’s hand


N) In one’s coat


[It should be noted that at this point the person sitting next to me got up and left]

O) In one’s pant leg


P) In one’s hat on one’s head


Q) Up one’s sleeve


Needless to say, during and after the testing, the people in the train station thought I was crazy.


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